MS-03 June 2013 Economic and Social Environment

1. “Management at all levels of specialized functions, is influenced by the critical elements of the business environment”. Explain with suitable examples.

2. What is the exact position of China in so far as its economic system/structure and the role of the Government are concerned? How would you describe its economic system?

3. Name and briefly describe a sick unit with which you are familiar or identify one such unit and briefly attempt the following:
a) Factors which caused sickness, including management failures and the present position.
b) Measures, if any, initiated for ensuring its healthy functioning.

4. a) Define the following:
Balance of trade; balance of invisible transfers; current account balance; capital account balance and balance of payments.
b) Prepare a write up on the merits and demerits of currency convertibility for a developing country.

5. Collect data on foreign technical and financial collaborations for the last ten years and write a detailed note on the annual trends of these collaborations.

6. a) Distinguish between basic restructuring and financial restructuring.
b) Discuss the various organizational measures which promote privatization.

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