IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS-65 June 2013 Marketing of Services

1. Assume you are a team member of the marketing research department of a low cost domestic airline. Your manager has asked you to evaluate the service quality of the airline. How would you go about It.? What service quality dimensions would you use to evaluate the same? 2. Explain the importance of physical evidence and word of mouth communication for a health service provider. 3. Explain the role of non-monetary costs in pricing of services taking example of any service industry. 4. Being the marketing manager of a leading domestic tours and travels company of your country, discuss … [Read more...]

MS-64 June 2013 International Marketing

1. You are the marketing head of newly opened international division of a leading domestic company manufacturing home appliances. Suggest various factors that you will keep in mind while finalizing the international markets for your product. 2. Explain the difference between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric orientations. How do these orientations affect international marketing practices? 3. ‘Cultural diversities across countries impact the marketing strategies of an international marketer’. Justify the statement by giving suitable examples. 4. You are an … [Read more...]

MS-63 June 2013 Product Management

1. Briefly explain the concept of product life cycle. Taking the example of any product of your choice, elaborate its life cycle stage in context of your country. Also suggest suitable pricing and promotional strategies for the same. 2. How would you use attribute analysis technique for generating new product ideas for the following products? (a) Refrigerator (b) Room Freshener 3. A newly formed cosmetic company has planned to introduce a range of hair care products especially meant for dry hair. The company has decided to target the middle income group only. (a) Identify suitable brand … [Read more...]

MS-62 June 2013 Sales Management

1) a) Explain the important role of Sales and Distribution in the exchange process with suitable examples. b) What is Personal Selling? Critically evaluate the growing importance of personal selling in the present market environment. 2) a) Discuss the importance of selling skills in personal selling function. b) Suggest suitable presentation strategy in the following situations. i) Creating awareness for safe drinking water among rural people ii) Presenting your self the suitability for a senior sales position for the top management of an MNC. 3) a) What are the various methods or … [Read more...]

MS-61 June 2013 Consumer Behaviour

1. You are the marketing head of leading retail chain dealing in electronic items. Your company has planned to launch the online store for the same. What segmentation approach would you use to effectively segment the market and why? 2. Explain the concept of culture and subculture. Discuss the relevance of sub cultural segmentation in case of the following. (a) Food chains (Restaurants) (b) Women apparels 3. You are a member of the purchase committee that has been formed to purchase fifty laptops for your company. Being a member of purchase committee, what criteria would you … [Read more...]

MS – 43 June 2013 Management Control Systems

1. What are Business Unit Strategies? Explain the BCG Model and General Electric (GE) Planning Model. 2. Explain the concept of Responsibility Accounting, what is a Responsibility Centre and why is responsibility centres established? 3. Explain the concept of Profit Centres. Distinguish between Genuine and Artificial profit centre established. 4. Elaborate on three constituent parts of the performance measurement system. Construct a road map for designing a performance measurement system. 5. What are the characteristics of a project organization? Explain how these … [Read more...]

MS – 42 June 2013 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions

1. What is cost of capital? How is the cost of long term debt, preference capital, equity capital and retained earnings determined? 2. What is capital structure? Explain the net income, net operating income, M-M approach and traditional theories of capital structure. 3. What do you understand by Economic appraisal and social cost benefit analysis of a project? 4. What is project risk? Explain the various techniques used for measurement of project risk. 5. What is long term financing? Explain the non traditional methods of raising long term financial. … [Read more...]

MS – 41 June 2013 Working Capital Management

1. Explain the Walker’s and Trade off approaches to working capital investment. 2. Discuss the motives for holding cash. Explain the Baumol Model and Miller and Orr Model. 3. What are advances? Explain the modes of creating charge over assets. 4. What are the commercial paper? Discuss the existing guidelines issued by RBI to regulate issuance of commercial papers. 5. What are the different forms of trade credit? Discuss the various determinants of trade credit. … [Read more...]

MS – 54 June 2013 Management Information Systems

1) Define Management Information Systems (MIS) and discuss various characteristics expected of a good MIS. 2) Evaluate critical success factor method for the purpose of Information Requirement Analysis. 3) What are the various system analysis tools and why do we need more than one tool at a time? 4) Discuss the main function of data communication software. 5) Define DBMS and outline the basic sequence of steps for acquiring of DBMS. 6) “Computer virus is a major threat to computer security” – Justify the statement. … [Read more...]

MS – 53 June 2013Production/Operations Management

1) Explain the common principles on quality amongst the theory of Deming, Juran, Crosby and Baldridge criteria. 2) Explain the importance of forecasting in Production Management. Briefly discuss the various methods of forecasting. 3) Compare the manual and quantitative models for process Layout design. What are the advantages of each kind of model? 4) Define Aggregate Planning. Explain its managerial importance. How it is different than scheduling? 5) Outline the purpose of MRP and explain how an MRP System can achieve these purposes. 6) Write short notes on: a) Group … [Read more...]