MS 1 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. What are Management processes? Critically discuss the necessity of each managerial process and its logical sequencing in relation to other processes in an organisational set up. Explain with the help of your organizational experience, or the ones you are aware of . Briefly discuss the vital details of the organization, you are referring to.

2. What are the assumptions of different decision making models which either describe how decisions are made, or prescribe how decisions should be made? Identify varying degrees of knowledge under which the decisions are made, and explain with the help of organizational  examples you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization to help understanding the context, you are referring to.

3. Describe the process through which traditions and customs are maintained in any organization. Identify the factors that contribute to the uniqueness of each organization. Discuss the above concepts with the help of organizational examples, you have come across or you are  familiar with. Briefly describe the organization/s you are referring to.

4. What is the process of communication, what are the intentional or unintentional barriers that prevent organizational communication/
s to be effective? What a manager should do to make his communication effective in an organizational set up? Explain with relevant  organizational examples and describe briefly the organization/s and the situation/s you are referring to.

5. Briefly describe various leadership styles. Is leadership a process of shared influence on the work group? Substantiate your answer with relevant organizational examples and/or cases you are familiar with or you have come across. Describe the organization/s and the context you are referring to.

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