MS 1 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2017

1. “Planning is needed, firstly for committing and allocating the organisation’s limited resources towards achieving its objectives in the possible manner and, secondly for anticipating the future
opportunities and problems.”
Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts as you have experienced in organisational situation. Briefly describe the context, you are referring to.

2. Briefly referring to various models of Decision making process, explain the one/s you have
experienced to be favourite in any organisational situation and why. Explain with context, and
brief of the organization, you are referring to.

3. What are the major forces for change that confront an organisation? Briefly describe the process
of organisational change, and relate it to the experience you have had, or you are aware of.
Briefly explain the context and the organisation you are referring to.

4. “The term centralization and decentralization are meaningful only in a relative sense.
Centralisation and decentralisation are extensions of delegation. Delegation refers mainly to
entrustment of responsibility and authority from one person to another. Downward transfer of
responsibility and authority at individual level is referred to as delegation and when the same is
done organisation-wide in a systematic way it is known as decentralisation”.
Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts with reference to the organisational
experience your have or are aware of. Please give a brief of the organisation and the context you
are referring to.

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