MS 25 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Briefly discuss the relevance of change in organizations, enlist the types of change and describe the factors contributing to change citing suitable examples.

Answer. Change is important in coping with emerging technological advancements in the society…… Change is important for any organization because, without change, businesses would likely lose their competitive edge…… Change helps the organization cope with globalization, which can be a threat or opportunity……… There are few different types of changes an organization can implement. They can have technological change, structural and systematic changes……..

2. Discuss the concept of ‘process-based change’. Cite organizational examples where process based change has taken place successfully.

Answer. Change is a process, which progress over a period of time……

3. Describe the approaches and methods of evaluating change. Illustrate few examples of evaluation of organizational change.

Answer. There are several kinds of change which need to be evaluated. The organization needs to know whether the cost of particular changes can be justified. It needs to assess what techniques of change work and what techniques are ineffective……..

When doing evaluation following organizational change, we need to use many and very different methods. For example, one may wish to measure job………..

4. Explain the concept of organizational diagnosis. Describe any two methods of diagnosis and its benefits and limitations with the help of examples.

Answer. The practice of organization development is based on an analysis and diagnosis of the circumstances of the organization, the strategic, operational or process issues that are affecting the organization and its ability to perform well……………….

Diagnostics are tools such as questionnaires or checklists that gather information about a business or on the opinions and attitudes of employees in order to identify issues and problems that can be dealt with in an organization development programme. They enable those concerned with organization…………

5. Write an essay on ‘managing transitions’. Differentiate it from ‘managing change’. Take a hypothetical organization and apply the rules for managing transition.

Answer. Change is about dealing with transitions successfully. We all face transitions in our lives as a natural part of aging, and all transitions involve loss of a certain type. They can arise not only because of a negative event, but also as a result of something positive………

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