MS 27 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Explain the concept and role of compensation. Describe the compensation structure of any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

Answer. Compensation and benefits are provided in exchange for the employees’ contributions to the organization. An effective compensation program can help shape performance and improve job satisfaction as well…….. Compensation can be critical in motivating employees. They are more likely to be motivated when they feel their contributions are being fairly and equitably rewarded. Compensation is a reward system…….. It reflects the employee’s value to the firm and in turn impacts his or her sense of self………

2. Explain the need, object and scope of the minimum wages Act, 1948. Describe the various methods of fixation /revision of minimum wages under the minimum wages Act. Discuss, can the employer discriminate the women employee in respect to wages.

Answer. The Minimum Wages Act 1948 is an Act of Parliament concerning Indian labour law that sets the minimum wages that must be paid to skilled……..

3. Define job evaluation. Describe the various methods and systems of job – evaluation. Discuss, how job evaluation is linked with wage fixation, citing example from any organization your familiar with.

Answer. Job evaluation is the process of systematically assessing the relative importance of jobs in a company so that they can be placed in a rank order. Usually each job is compared with all other jobs in the same company using an analytical framework that enables the user to make logical judgements about job size……..

Generally, job evaluations are conducted in two ways. These are analytical and………

4. Define and discuss incentives and different types of incentive systems. Describe the pre – requisites for the effective incentive scheme and there respective merits and demerits.

Answer. The key to effective employee incentive and rewards systems is getting the basic elements right……. The structure of short-term incentives can take many forms…….

5. Define and differentiate between tax planning and tax avoidance. Describe the tax implication of compensation package to the employer and employees with suitable examples from an organization you are familiar with.

Answer. Tax planning is a year-round activity. By planning income and deduction strategies, you may be able to reduce your tax. You may realize capital gain income subject to lower capital gain rates, defer certain income to a later year in which you expect to pay a lower tax……..

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