MS 46 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2013

On this page we have tried to provide you MS 46 Solved Assignment of July – Dec 2013 for IGNOU MBA. Some tips for answers are given below for your reference. It will help you in solving MS-46 assignments.

1. What do you mean by ‘Financial System’? Explain the various components of financial systems detailing their purpose and functions.

Answer. A financial system means the existence of integrated, structured and controlled financial markets, and institutions which satisfy the short-term and long-term monetary needs of both the households and commercial sector. A financial system performs a crucial function in the economy. Components of financial system

2. What is a depository system? Discuss the process of dematerialization and the process of creating pledge of securities held in depository.

3. Describe in detail the important aspects of the pre issue activities.

4. Explain the concepts of leasing and hire purchase and point out the difference between the two.

5. What are maritime perils? What is the difference Marine Cargo Policies and Marine hull policies?

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