MS – 52 June 2013 Project Management

1) a) Distinguish between Project and Production Management.

b) Discuss the critical success factor in Project Management.

2) Discuss the various methods for economic analysis of the project. Also explain the drawback of the traditional methods.

3) What is an ideal resource profile and how does it get influenced by practical considerations of project execution?

4) Elaborate the concept of “Earned value of the Budget” in PERT/Cost System.

5) Explain the importance of “Project Review” in the context of Control of a project.

6) Draw a Project Network for the following activities.

Activity       :     A         B          C     D      E      F       G        H      I         J           K


Predecessor :    –           –           –       A     A     B       B      D, E    C      G,I      F, H, J


Time (Days):     6          3          8     20     18       9       8          7      2        14         10

Calculate the project completion time and Floats and this project.

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