MS 6 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. (a) Distinguish Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing with suitable illustrations.
(b) The essence of Marketing is a “Transaction”. Explain the underlying meaning of the above statement and give reasons in support of your answer with suitable examples.

2. (a) What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization? Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following categories :

i) Banking Services
ii) Smart phones
iii) Mineral Water

(b) Explain the concept of market segmentation. Why do marketing firms undertake such segmentation exercise? Discuss the major advantages and demerits with suitable examples in the recent part.

3. (a) Discuss the importance of the Marketing Research function and its application in the current business environment. What are the advantages and disadvantages that a firm accrues. Cite any two examples of your choice in the recent part.

(b) Distinguish and discuss, cyber marketing from conventional marketing. Discuss the advantages and limitations of cyber marketing.

4. (a) What is New Product Development Strategy? As a product executive of a growing FMCG company discuss the various stages in the development process of a new product. You may assume any consumer product category to explain the stages.

(b) What is the role of Marketing Organization in an enterprise? Discuss the considerations involved in designing a marketing organization for Pan India Operations

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