MS-61 June 2013 Consumer Behaviour

1. You are the marketing head of leading retail chain dealing in electronic items. Your company has planned to launch the online store for the same. What segmentation approach would you use to effectively segment the market and why?

2. Explain the concept of culture and subculture. Discuss the relevance of sub cultural segmentation in case of the following.

(a) Food chains (Restaurants)

(b) Women apparels

3. You are a member of the purchase committee that has been formed to purchase fifty laptops for your company. Being a member of purchase committee, what criteria would you suggest to select the supplier for the same? Explain.

4. ‘Certain products require high degree of pre purchase information search’. Justify the statement by giving suitable examples. Also give marketing implication of this pre-purchase search behavior of consumers.

5. Briefly discuss the perception process. Being the marketer of a range of cosmetic products meant for upper income group people, how would you use the concept of perception while designing marketing mix for your product?

6. Discuss Nicosia’s model of consumer behavior. Also explain its relevance for a marketer.

7. Which stage in the family life cycle would be the most attractive segment for the following products and services? Give reasons in support of your answer.

(a) Home furniture

(b) Play schools

(c) Health services

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