MS-63 June 2013 Product Management

1. Briefly explain the concept of product life cycle. Taking the example of any product of your choice, elaborate its life cycle stage in context of your country. Also suggest suitable pricing and promotional strategies for the same.

2. How would you use attribute analysis technique for generating new product ideas for the following products?
(a) Refrigerator
(b) Room Freshener

3. A newly formed cosmetic company has planned to introduce a range of hair care products especially meant for dry hair. The company has decided to target the middle income group only.

(a) Identify suitable brand name for the product. Justify your answer.
(b) Discuss suitable packaging strategies for the product.
(c) What strategy would you adopt to position your product in the market and why?

4. Taking example of two similar brands of any product of your choice, discuss their product differentiation strategy.

5. Your company is going to introduce a new fruit flavored toothpaste. Being a marketing manager of the company, explain how would you go about test marketing it.

6. Your company is launching a new range of colourful, slim and light weight laptops. Design an appropriate marketing mix for the same.

7. Discuss product evaluation matrix. Also explain its relevance for a marketer.


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