MS 65 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Select a service organization you are familiar with, where customers have to wait in line for service. What, according to you, are the reasons for customer waiting? Develop a waiting line strategy for the organization.

2. Identify a number of goods and services you use on a regular basis. Then examine Fig. 1.1 (Goods Service Continuum) given on page 10 of Block 1 of your course material and try to position them on the goods service continuum giving reasons for your choice of position and briefly discuss the related marketing implications.

3. What are the various modes of service delivery in international trade? Discuss with the help of examples.

4. Discuss the significance of word of mouth communication for a health service provider.

5. ‘Pricing strategy includes much more than determining what to charge’. Examine the statement with regards to pricing of services, giving suitable examples.

6. Select a service organization you are familiar with. Explain the service offered by it and develop a good service guarantee for it. Discuss why your guarantee is a good one, and the possible benefits to the company in implementing it.

7. Is physical evidence equally important for all kinds of services? Justify your answer giving suitable examples.

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