MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. (a) When and why Marketing Research is undertaking is an organizations? Suggest some possible areas of application of M.R.
(b) List out and briefly explain the major problems associated in undertaking M.R. in India.

2 . (a) What is Research Designs? Describe briefly the various kinds of research designs and their application for different research situations.
(b) Discuss the role and scope of data collection in Marketing Research Project.

3. (a) What are sample designs in Marketing Research. Briefly explain the various types of probability sampling methods available to the researcher.
(b) Discuss the importance of questionnaire as a research instrument of data collation.

4. (a) Distinguish between qualitative research and quantitative research. Discuss the various methods of conducting qualitative research in India.
(b)Discuss the application of conjoint analysis in the field of marketing.

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