IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 21 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Describe the emerging scenario of organizations. Explain the steps to be taken by management into bring in the mindset of employees conducive to changing reality of business in an organization you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 2. Describe the socialization process. How socialization influence on personality, attitudes and values. Explains with the help of examples from the organization you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 3. Explain the relevance of behaviour modification in organizations and briefly discuss … [Read more...]

MS 21 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2014

1. Briefly discuss the challenges faced by organizations because of globalization and the strategies to deal with it. Give examples. 2. Describe the importance of understanding human behavior in organizations. Describe and discuss the characteristics of type A and B personalities and their impact on organizations performance with relevant examples. 3. What are the salient features of counseling? Briefly discuss the process of counseling in organizations and its importance. 4. Describe the growing role of Teams in organizations and how leader plays an important role in Teams. Discuss … [Read more...]

MS – 21 June 2013 Social Processes and Behavioral Issues

1) Briefly discuss the importance of values, work ethics and corporate governance in the present day context of organisations. Give examples. 2) Describe the process of perception. Explain the occurrence of errors in perception from the organisational context and how they can be reduced? 3) Briefly describe the salient features of counseling and discuss the ethical issues of counseling in organisation. 4) Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflict and discuss the styles of conflict management with examples. 5) Briefly discuss the dynamics of power and the … [Read more...]

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