IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 44 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. Define Investment. Discuss the effect of changes in investment environment on investment decisions. Explain the various types of risks involved in investment. 2. (a) What is 'Primary Market’? Discus the important developments that have taken place recently in Indian primary market. . (b) What do you understand by Initial Public Offer (I.P.O.)? Who are allowed to make an I.P.O.?Discuss the salient features of the SEBI guidelines on I.P.O. 3. (a) Critically evaluate the fundamental analysis. How is it useful to a prospective investor? (b) What are the various techniques of … [Read more...]

MS 44 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. What do you understand by investment risk? Classify the traditional sources of investment risk and mention whether they are general sources of risk or specific sources of risk. How is interest rate risk related to inflation risk? 2. Define the various forms of the market efficiency. State the anomalies in the Efficient Market Hypothesis. 3. Discuss the CAPM and its application in portfolio selection. Explain the relationship between SML, CML and Characteristic Line. 4. What are the basic assumptions of Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)? Discuss the problems associated with the … [Read more...]

MS 44 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. What do you understand by 'investment'? Explain the various factors, which form the basis of the investment process. 2. Differentiate between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Discuss the usefulness of odd lot theory and Elliot wave theory on stock market prediction. 3. What is Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) Explain the techniques for testing the various forms of E.M.H 4. What are formula plans ? How is a constant rupee value plan different to a constant ratio plan ? Discuss 5. Compare and contrast capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) and Arbitrage Pricing … [Read more...]

MS 44 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1. What do you understand by risk? Explain the various types of risks. Risk means the possibility of loss caused by a given action or inaction. In finance, risk refers to the probability that an actual return on an investment will probably be less than the expected return. Financial risk could be split into following classes: Basic risk, Capital risk, Country risk. Read about Risk here 2. Discuss the objectives and functions of Securities and Exchange Board of India. Answer. SEBI is the regulatory body for the investment market in India. The key function of SEBI (Securities and … [Read more...]