MS 46 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2019

1. Explain the Regulatory Framework that is in place for regulating the different Investment and Investment related services.

2. Meet any Stock Broker of any Stock Exchange and try to find out the Trading System followed by that Exchange. Give a report of your findings about the Trading System followed by that Exchange.

3. What do you understand by Corporate Restructuring? Discuss Corporate Restructuring in light of the:
(i) Restructuring of business portfolio
(ii) Financial restructuring of business portfolio, and
(iii) Organisational restructuring of business portfolio

4. Explain the meaning and scope of Factoring, Forfaiting and Bill Discounting Services. How do these services differ from each other?

5. Consider any two Non-Life Insurance Policies of your choice and discuss the Inclusions and Exclusions of those policies.

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