MS 55 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. “These are many possible structures for SC, but the simplest view has materials converging on an organization through tiers of suppliers and products diverging through tiers of customers”. Elaborate.

2. What is Bullwhip effect? Explain the various permutations and combinations to reduce this effect in SCM.

3. “The leading supply chain planning (SCP) products generally have many features as compared to ERP software packages” – Give your elaborate remarks on this statement.

4. Identify the need for Performance measurement in Supply Chain Management. Describe various methods and techniques that could be employed for the performance measurement of Supply Chain Management

5. Answer the following questions in brief:

a. What supply chain strategies can rail companies use to stop the erosion of market share to air travel in case of passengers and road in case of freight?
b. How can telephone companies protect their markets from competition from ISP’s using supply chain strategies?


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