MS 56 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. What is the need of implementing materials management quality improvement process? How does TQM support in creating customer value in materials management?

2. “Ethical conduct in purchasing depends, to a large extent, on the local culture to which the purchasing agents and suppliers belong”. Comment!

3. Discuss the various types of inventory carried by a manufacturing organization. In what types of inventories can the EOQ and order level polices be used, and in what types of inventories will the use of MRP be more effective?

4. What do you understand by the term codification? What type of information should be built into a code? What are the objectives of codification? List the different systems used to codify materials.

5. Explain how a performance appraisal system can be used in the context of materials management. What are the metrics of performance appraisal in materials management?

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