MS 57 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. What are the life cycle cost components for any plant? Which are the factors affecting life cycle profits of any industrial plant?

2. Explain what is meant by cost absorption and cost apportionment? Illustrate each with two examples from maintenance department. Discuss the methods of cost absorption and state which method do you consider to be the best and why?

3. The liberalized economy is forcing Indian companies to establish Total Quality Management Systems. It is a struggle, which has just begun and Indian companies will continue to do so just to be in the race – lest they perish. Quality will be just a qualifier, not a competitive advantage anymore. Do you agree? Why?

4. What are the various techniques, which can be used for scheduling and monitoring of projects? Why is network analysis preferred? What is the basic difference between CPM and PERT?

5. Are the jobs in maintenance department popular with the young engineering graduates? What would you suggest to make the maintenance function more attractive?

6. Write the short notes on the following
a) Lube Oil Monitoring
b) Opportunistic Maintenance
c) Zero Based Budgeting
d) Maintainability

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