MS-62 June 2013 Sales Management

1) a) Explain the important role of Sales and Distribution in the exchange process with suitable examples.
b) What is Personal Selling? Critically evaluate the growing importance of personal selling in the present market environment.

2) a) Discuss the importance of selling skills in personal selling function.
b) Suggest suitable presentation strategy in the following situations.
i) Creating awareness for safe drinking water among rural people
ii) Presenting your self the suitability for a senior sales position for the top management of an MNC.

3) a) What are the various methods or approaches that a sales manager can manage his sales team? Discuss with suitable examples.
b) Why recruitment and selection of sales personnel for an engineering/capital goods company assumes a challenge for a Human Resource Manager? Discuss by making appropriate assumptions.

4) a) Planning and controlling functions are key to every successful sales department in an organization. Explain in detail the role and relevance of there functions by picking a suitable example of your choice.
b) The key consideration in territory management are forecasting sales and assigning sales quotas to the sales force. Discuss with a suitable example.

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