MS-65 June 2013 Marketing of Services

1. Assume you are a team member of the marketing research department of a low cost domestic airline. Your manager has asked you to evaluate the service quality of the airline. How would you go about It.? What service quality dimensions would you use to evaluate the same?

2. Explain the importance of physical evidence and word of mouth communication for a health service provider.

3. Explain the role of non-monetary costs in pricing of services taking example of any service industry.

4. Being the marketing manager of a leading domestic tours and travels company of your country, discuss what kind of demand and supply challenges you may face. How would you overcome those challenges? Explain.

5. Assume you are the marketing manager of a company manufacturing fully automatic washing machines. What product support services would you provide to the customer to have competitive advantage?

6. Explain the service marketing mix by taking example of educational services.

7. Explain the difference between search and experience qualities giving suitable examples. Also discuss their implications for services marketers.

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