MS 91 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. a) Define corporate planning. Describe the process of corporate planning in detail.
b) What are the implementation issues involved in corporate planning?


b) Implementation almost always involves the introduction of change to an organization… Will automatically see why the alternative is best one and will begin immediate implementation…

…The resources that are expected to be available in accordance with the requirements of the organizations.. of the firm..

… This take place , between themselves and middle management… between other important connections in the organization…

… Self-interest is being compromised they are likely to redirect, delay or totally sabotage the implementation..

…He has to deal with resistance, allocate resources and create consensus….

2. Write a note on the importance of Government initiatives taken to boost good Corporate Governance.

3. Discuss various market structures and their impact on competition.

4. Briefly discuss e-business and the steps involved in formulating an e-business plan.

5. Present couple of cases / applications of Knowledge Management (KM) and discuss the KM architecture adopted in those applications. Do you believe that KM can improve competitiveness of a firm? Give reasons.

6. a) Describe the nature of corporate philanthropy citing examples.
b) Write a note on ethics of consumer production and marketing.

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