IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS – 52 June 2013 Project Management

1) a) Distinguish between Project and Production Management. b) Discuss the critical success factor in Project Management. 2) Discuss the various methods for economic analysis of the project. Also explain the drawback of the traditional methods. 3) What is an ideal resource profile and how does it get influenced by practical considerations of project execution? 4) Elaborate the concept of “Earned value of the Budget” in PERT/Cost System. 5) Explain the importance of “Project Review” in the context of Control of a project. 6) Draw a Project Network for the following … [Read more...]

MS – 24 June 2013 Employment Relations

1) Explain the historical review of industrial relations in India. Discuss the recent developments in the field of industrial relations in India with suitable examples. High light the issues and challenges for the industrial relations system in India. 2) Explain the origin and growth of Trade Unions in India. Describe the functions of Trade Unions in any organisation you are familiar with. What are your suggestions for strengthening the Trade Unions in India? Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to. 3) Explain the meaning and concept of collective bargaining. Describe the … [Read more...]

MS – 23 June 2013 Human Resource Planning

1) Explain the role of Human Resource professionals in human resource planning. Describe the factors which are being used for human resource planning in any organisation you are familiar with. Highlight the requisites for effective planning. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to. 2) Explain the various kinds of Roles. Describe the factors contributing to Role changes in any organisation you are familiar with. Discuss the uses of role descriptions. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to. 3) Discuss the objectives and uses of performance appraisal. Describe … [Read more...]

MS – 22 June 2013 Human Resource Development

1. What are the phases of organisational Development and the conditions for its success? Describe with the help of the realistic account of the system prevailing in the organisation you are working in or familiar with. Give brief detail of the organisation and the context you are referring to. 2. How are Performance Management Systems different from Appraisal System? Explain with the help of an organisational example known to you or you are familiar with. Describe the context and organisation you are referring to. 3. Can any underlying characteristic required for performing a given … [Read more...]

MS – 21 June 2013 Social Processes and Behavioral Issues

1) Briefly discuss the importance of values, work ethics and corporate governance in the present day context of organisations. Give examples. 2) Describe the process of perception. Explain the occurrence of errors in perception from the organisational context and how they can be reduced? 3) Briefly describe the salient features of counseling and discuss the ethical issues of counseling in organisation. 4) Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflict and discuss the styles of conflict management with examples. 5) Briefly discuss the dynamics of power and the … [Read more...]

MS-95 June 2013 Research Methodology for Management Decisions

1. What is a research design? Is it a specific plan like a building plan? How would you classify research designs? 2. Listed below are some objects of varying degree of abstractness. Suggest the properties of each of these objects that can be measured by each of the four basic types of scales (levels of measurement) a. Customers in a retail store b. Voter attitudes c. Preference for a particular equity share d. Profitability of various divisions in a company 3. What are the format requirements of a research article to be published in a professional journal? Use the web to find out … [Read more...]

MS – 93 June 2013 Management of New and Small Enterprises

1. Define Small Scale Enterprises (SSEs)? Explain the features of SSEs which make have an impact on the economic growth of the nation. 2. Identify an entrepreneur of your choice who has set up a small scale unit. Enumerate the steps, which helped him/her reach the final project. 3. Give an overview of Technical Feasibility and know-how with special reference to scope of technical arrangements and provision of technical know how. 4. Examine the factors involved in deciding the location of a plant while setting up a SSE? 5. Describe the financial ratios commonly used by entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

MS – 92 June 2013 Management of Public Enterprises

1. Discuss the terms ‘Ownership’ and ‘Management’ with reference to Public Enterprises. 2. What is Social Audit? Explain the need for Social Audit in the present context. 3. “There are some important features of the State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) in the country with a little or no difference between one state and the other.” Critically comment on the statement with special reference to coverage and features of SLPEs. 4. Define a Project. Explain the characteristics and stages of a project. Illustrate your answer with the help of a hypothetical example. 5. How can … [Read more...]

MS-91 June 2013 Advanced Strategic Management

1. Discuss the managerial role of Board of Directors (BoDs). What in your opinion should be the managerial role of BoDs in the present context? Explain giving examples. 2. There are different approaches to global entry. What in your opinion is the best approach and why? Explain. 3. What are the benefits of Knowledge Management? Discuss. 4. `Managers should hold and develop a deeper knowledge of the nature of ethical principles and concepts and an understanding of how these apply to ethical problems encountered in business’. Explain. 5. Suppose you are working in a bank. What kind of … [Read more...]

MS-11 June 2013 Strategic Management

1. Explain how does the SWOT analysis helps in formulation of strategies for different business situations. Illustrate your answer with the help of examples. 2. “An organization can choose from different types of Growth Strategies”. Explain any two of the growth strategies you have studied and highlight the conditions under which each is the most appropriate. 3. List out the steps involved in a decision making process. Explain using a hypothetical example how a decision making process can be followed using the steps listed by you. 4. Explain the concept of Critical Success Factors … [Read more...]