IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2020

1. Explain the techniques for Management Control that are generally being used by organizations. How are these techniques integrated with the Management Control Systems? 2. Define a Profit Centre and discuss the various factors on which the degree of autonomy of Profit Centre depends. What benefits does an organization enjoy from Profit Decentralization. 3. Find out the Performance Measurement System Framework in an organization of your choice and the performance indicators used for Performance Evaluation. Write a note on it. 4. How do differences in cultures across Nations affect the … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2019

1. Explain the concept of Strategy. Discuss the Models which are used for formulating Business unit  Strategies. 2. What is Transfer Pricing? Describe the ARM’s Length Principle and its Applications in detail. 3. In an Organization of your choice try to find out the type of short term and long term incentive plans that are being followed by the Organisation. Give a detailed report of your findings. 4. Design a Management Control System for an Organization which is working in the field of training Local Farmers for Organic Farming. 5. Study the case of ‘Dakshin Rasayan Nigam … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2018

1. Explain the concept of Strategy? Describe the different Models that help in formulating business unit strategies. 2. Explain the ARM’s length principle and discuss its application. 3. Discuss in detail the three organisational Incentives systems viz the Scanlon plan, the Kaiser-United Steel Workers plan and profit sharing and explain their applicability. 4. Select any Bank/ Insurance company of your choice and discuss the management control system, that is prevalent, in that Institution. 5. Study the ‘Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore’ case and answer the questions … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What are the implications of the ethical dimension in Management Control? Explain with the help of organisation of your choice. Give your suggestions on how the Management Control System could be made more effective? 2. ‘Every Responsibility Centre Manager in an organisation is an Expense Centre Manager also’. Do you agree with this statement and if so, try to demonstrate the same by giving examples. 3. Explain Performance Reporting in detail? What are the uses and limitations of Performance Reports? 4. What are the difficulties that you may face while designing the Management … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2016

1. Discuss the interlinkages between some of the new management techniques such as TQM, JIT and Activity Based Costing, with the conceptual foundations of Management Control Systems. 2. Select any Organization of your choice and study in detail whether Responsibility Centers are essential for that Organization or not? If you think the Responsibility Centers are essential describe how the Organization should go about it. 3. A Fertilizer company has given the following budget expense for the production of 10,000 bags of a particular product. Per unit Direct materials Rs. … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. ‘New Management techniques such as Total Quality Management, Just in Time are in tune with the conceptual foundations of Management Control Systems’. Explain 2. ‘Every responsibility center manager in an organization is an expense center manager also’. Do you agree with this statement and if so, try to explain the same by giving examples. 3. Select any organization of your choice and study the long-term compensation plans of that organization? Give your views on the existing compensation plans that are being practiced by that organization. 4. As a manager of a multinational company … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2014

1. Define the concept of ‘strategy’. Explain the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) model, General Electric (GE) planning model and highlight their usefulness in formulating business unit level strategies. 2. Explain the following: a) Just In Time (JIT) and Management Control System b) Benchmarking and Management Control System 3. What is ‘Arm’s Length Principle’? Explain the traditional transaction methods used for determination of transfer price. 4. What are the objectives of Reward and Compensation plan? Discuss the various types of  long term incentive plans. 5. Discuss the … [Read more...]

MS – 43 June 2013 Management Control Systems

1. What are Business Unit Strategies? Explain the BCG Model and General Electric (GE) Planning Model. 2. Explain the concept of Responsibility Accounting, what is a Responsibility Centre and why is responsibility centres established? 3. Explain the concept of Profit Centres. Distinguish between Genuine and Artificial profit centre established. 4. Elaborate on three constituent parts of the performance measurement system. Construct a road map for designing a performance measurement system. 5. What are the characteristics of a project organization? Explain how these … [Read more...]