MS 5 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1.a) Explain the Product Selection and stages involved therein.

b) What is producibility? How does it affect product selection?

2. a) Define job design. How has management viewed job design since the industrial revolution?

b) List the important factors that must be addressed in job design and briefly discuss the importance of each one.

3. What do you understand by slack? Construct an example and show how you can use the knowledge of slacks for better project management.

4. What is the fundamental difference between the use of acceptance sampling plans and process control charts?

5. Write short notes on:

a) Alternative Capacity Sources
b) FAST Diagram
c) Taxonomy of waste.


  1. Producibility is defined as a measure of the
    design-to-production capabilities, which indicates how easily a product design
    can be built. Over the years, design guidelines and practices were developed to
    bridge the functional gap between design and manufacturing. However, it is not
    easy or straightforward for an inexperienced designer to apply these guidelines
    and practices to a product design. Furthermore, many aspects of design
    guidelines and practices are subjective and not readily adaptable to
    quantitative assessment and control. Therefor, the provision of a sound
    methodology and model to judge and control producibility is needed to achieve
    global optimization of concurrent engineering.
    Dr. Patil

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