IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2019

1. (a) Discuss the meaning and importance of marketing research in managerial decision making process. Elaborate the role of marketing research by taking an example of your choice. (b) Collect data from various secondary sources or any other sources you one familiar with and elaborate how marketing research is conducted in India and their role as a continuous managerial activity. 2. (a) Explain the term data in marketing research. What makes data collection a critical stage in every marketing problem faced by the company whether small on big? Suggest data collection methods for the … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2018

1. (a) Define Marketing Research. How and why marketing research assumes significance as an important link between the consumer and the marketer. Discuss (b) Explain the various types of research designs that a marketer can consider in undertaking marketing research activities for the marketing problems faced by the firm. 2. (a) What is data in research? Why and when data collection becomes relevant in a research project? Discuss with a suitable example. (b) Discuss the basic concepts in sampling and the steps involved in sampling process. 3. (a) What is Qualitative research? … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2017

1. (a) Define and discuss the term Marketing Research. What are the stages in the Marketing Research Process? Take a hypothetical example and elaborate these stages and their importance in the entire process. (b) What is Research Design? Briefly discuss the different types of research designs and their importance in the context of marketing research. 2. (a) Why Data collection is important and crucial in the research? Explain the various methods of data collection available to the researcher and bring out the merits and demerits of each of these methods. (b) What is Sampling? Explain the … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. a) What do you understand by the term Marketing Research? Why it is necessary for firms to seriously consider and undertake research activities on a continuous basis? Elaborate with suitable example of your choice. b) Make a visit to any firm/company from you location on you are associated with and try to study how marketing research activities are being initiated, conducted and implemented in the firm. Report your observations and offer your recommendations accordingly. 2. a) What is research design? Briefly discuss the four types of research design. You are familiar with. Illustrate … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. a) What is Marketing Research? When and why firms undertake marketing research. Illustrate with suitable example. b) Explain the basis of classification of various types of research design available to the marketer. 2. a) Distinguish Data firm Information. What are the different types of data needed in conducting Marketing Research Project? Briefly discuss their merits and limitations. b) Explain the importance of Questionnaire in a Marketing Research project. Describe indetail the format and steps involved in designing a questionnaire for a leading private sector bank to ascertain the … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. (a) When and why Marketing Research is undertaking is an organizations? Suggest some possible areas of application of M.R. (b) List out and briefly explain the major problems associated in undertaking M.R. in India. 2 . (a) What is Research Designs? Describe briefly the various kinds of research designs and their application for different research situations. (b) Discuss the role and scope of data collection in Marketing Research Project. 3. (a) What are sample designs in Marketing Research. Briefly explain the various types of probability sampling methods available to the … [Read more...]

MS 66 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2013

1. (a) As a Researches, you have been assigned a primary research project to be undertaken. Discuss the research process that you would adopt to complete the given task. (b) Discuss between exploratory and descriptive research designs. 2. (a) What is data? Discuss the various types of data and their sources available to the researcher. Evaluate each of there sources in terms of their merits, demerits and limitations. (b) Discuss the importance of developing a questionnaire in a research project. What are the do’s and dont’s that should be considered while designing the … [Read more...]