MS 1 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2014

1. Briefly describe the responsibilities a professional manager has towards various stakeholders with respect to sustainability of a business organization. Cite example of any business organization, and describe managerial responsibilities to support your response. Briefly describe the organization and the position you are referring to.

2.What hinders effective Decision-making? How can barriers to effective decision making be overcome?

Draw from your own experience or the organizational experience, you are aware of, to support your answer. Briefly describe the organization and the situation you are referring to.

3. “Conflict can have both positive and negative impact on individuals, groups, andorganisations. As a result of inter-
group conflict, certain changes occur within groupsand between groups. Some changes have positive effects, others have negative effects”.Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts and dynamics with examples from the organizational experience you have had or you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization and the events you are referring to.

4. Define and describe strategic and operational planning. What are the essential steps involved in planning for an enterprise?Explain with examples from the experience you have or you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.


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