MS 1 IGNOU MBA Assignments July-Dec 2015

1. How does MIS affect the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation? Explain and discuss with the help of the organisational example you have come across or, known to you. Briefly describe the essential details of the organisation, you are referring to, along with basic components of the MIS and reporting relationships currently existing in the organisation.

2. Compare and evaluate the relevance and suitability of various decision making models in different organisational set ups and situations. Explain the decision making model decision making which is / was predominately suitable in an organisation, you are aware of or familiar with and why? Briefly describe basic details of the organisation, you are referring to, for better understanding of the context and hierarchical structure.

3. What are the essential pre-requisites and significant key considerations in effecting effective delegation of authority in an organisational set up and why? Critically evaluate with examples, known to you by way of working in an organisation or having acquaintance with. Briefly explain the situation/s and the organisation being referred by you.

4. Present a comparative brief of various leadership styles. Explain in detail the leadership style you are currently faced with in the organisation you are working for or you are aware of. Which leadership style/s, in your opinion, boosts efficiency of the organisation and commitment of the employees towards the organisational goals, in general, and why? Substantiate your answer with suitable organisational examples along with describing its essential features.

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