MS 11 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Select a specific type of business that you may wish to start.
a) Develop a written mission statement for that business.
b) Formulate a set of goals for the business
c) Formulate specific and verifiable objectives in the lines of the goals.
d) Devise a statement of social responsibility for the business.

2. Explain the three generic strategies for a Small Business Unit (SBU). Also give an example of a business unit that competes with each strategy.

3. Assume that an airline company has changed its strategy from low-cost to low-cost- differentiation strategy. Describe an appropriate organization cultures for that company.

4. Differentiate between leadership and management. Support your answer with the help of examples.

5. Explain the concept of balanced scorecard (BSC)? As a strategist what challenges will you face while developing and implementing a BSC? Discuss.

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