MS 28 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2016

1. Explain the concept of social justice in relation to industrial jurisprudence. Describe the influence of ILO Conventions and Recommendations on Labour Legislation in India.

2. Describe the scope and coverage of the Mines Act, 1952. Discuss the enforcement of the Act and the provisions regarding working hours and limitation of employment under the Act.

3. Define object, scope and coverage of the Industrial Employment (standing orders) Act, 1946. What are the Acts or Omissions on the part of a workman which amount to misconduct under the Act?

4. Distinguish between Minimum, Fair and Living wages. Explain the powers which the government can exercise under the minimum wages Act, 1948. Describe the objective of the minimum wages Act. To what extent do you think this objective has been attained?

5. What is the object of the Employee provident Funds and Miscellaneous provisions Act, 1952? Explain the various modes in which the Central Provident Fund Commissioner can recover arrears of any amount due from any employer under section 8 of the Act?

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