MS 51 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. Enumerate, with brief description, some of the techniques of O.R. Describe the various steps involved in O.R. study.

2. The final product of a firm has a requirement that it must weigh exactly 150 kg. The two raw materials used in the manufacture of this product are A with a cost of Rs. 2 per unit and B with a cost of Rs. 8 per unit. Each unit of A weighs 5 kg. and each unit of B weighs 10 kg. At least 14 units of B and no more than 20 units of A must be used. How much of each type of raw material should be used for each unit of the final product if cost is to be minimized?

3. Discuss briefly:
(a) The general similarities between dynamic programming and linear programming.
(b) How dynamic programming differs conceptually from linear programming?

4. What constitutes inventory ordering costs, carrying costs and stock out costs? Explain the behaviour and relationship of these costs.

5. One hundred unemployed people were found to arrive at a one-person state unemployment office to obtain their unemployment compensation cheque according to the following frequency distribution.

Inte r-arrival Frequency Service Time Frequency
Time (min) (min)
2 10 2 10
3 20 3 20
4 40 4 40
5 20 5 20
6 10 6 10

The state office is interested in predicting the operating characteristics of this one-person state unemployment office during a typical operating day from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Use simulation to determine the average waiting time and total time in the system, and the maximum queue length.


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