MS 61 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – June 2014

1. Briefly explain the VALS – 2 classification. Analyze which VALS type best describes you and then find a print advertisement which, according to you, appeals to this VALS type.

2. What is organizational buying behavior? How is it different from individual buying? Taking the example of purchase of stationery for your personal use and for organizational purposes, explain the differences.

3. (a) Critically analyze the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. What are its major flaws?
(b) “Understanding how consumers learn is very important to marketers”. Do you agree with the statement? Justify your answer.

4. (a) What is a reference group? Name two reference groups that are important to you. In what ways do they influence you in your purchasing behavior?
(b) How do the family life cycle stages affect the consumption patterns? Give its implication for the marketer of domestic holiday packages.

5. (a) Explain the term ‘Culture’ and Subculture’.
(b) Explain the need for cross cultural understanding of consumer behavior for marketers.

6. (a) Why is information search behavior important to the marketers? Discuss giving suitable examples.
(b) What are the components of alternative evaluation in buying decisions? Explain.

7. As a marketer of consumer durables like refrigerators, washing machines etc. what strategies would you adopt for responding to post purchase feelings of your customers? Discuss.

8. (a) What is the utility of consumer behavior models to a marketer?
(b) Discuss the concept of cognitive dissonance and its implications for marketing decisions.

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