MS 612 IGNOU MBA Assignments July – Dec 2013

1. (a) What do you understand by the term Retailing? Discuss the major activities performed by a retailer in the Indian Context.

(b) Explain “Wheel of Retailing” with suitable illustrations

2. (a) Who is an retail customer? Briefly list out the characteristics of a retail customer and the various consumer behavior patterns that you are familiar with

(b) Explain the process of choosing a store location and elaborate the various criteria for evaluating location aspects in the following situation
(a) a chain of hair dressing salon for the elite.
(b) Multibrand footwear retailer
(c) PDS for lower income group by the government

3. (a) What constitute Retail Mix? Discuss various considerations to be kept in mind which planning for store merchandise

(b) Explain the term sourcing and discuss the challenges associated in sourcing merchandise by the following retailers
(a) Grocery Retailer
(b) Multibrand Woman garments.

4. (a) Enumerate and discuss the various issues that impact retail business in India.

(b) What are the reasons for growth in non-store retailing? Discuss.

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