MS 62 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. (a) What are the major function of Sales Management in the following situations.
(i) Cement company with all India operations.
(ii) Leading automobile components manufactures.
(iii) Company assembling Desktop Computers Systems.

(b) Explain the interdependence of Sales function with the distribution function by taking two examples of your choice.

2. (a) What is Marketing Communication? Discuss, Explain the various elements in the communication process and their role in the whole communication process.

(b) What is a presentation? Describe the different types of Sales Presentations. Discuss why presentation skills are important for a Salesman.

3. (a) What is recruitment? Discuss the various sources of recruitment that a firm can adopt.

(b) Explain the process of identifying training needs in the following situations.
(i) Missionary Selling
(ii) Space Selling
(iii) Capital goods sales force.

4. (a) What are the major responsibilities of a Sales Manager? Discuss by taking an example of your choice the role and challenges of a Sales Manager.

(b) What are the objectives of Sales Planning? Pick up an example of any FMCG Company and elaborate its importance.

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