MS 7 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan – Jun 2017

1. What is open source software? Where can one find Open Source software? Isn’t it hard to get reliable support for open-source software? Explain the differences between commercial software, shareware, open source software, freeware, and public domain software.

2. What is change in the focus of operations management? Is this change in the focus is due to the increase of competitiveness in Business? Elaborate. Also illustrate, the capabilities expected of information systems in context of Operations Management.

3. Discuss the important features of Java. Describe the Java development tools and the six functional packages included in Java standard library.

4. What is the difference between a database and a data warehouse? Take a small representative database from any organization and try to convert it into a data warehouse. What are the visible advantages that you can make out?

5. Define Artificial Intelligence. Why is it said that some problems can only be solved through intuitive algorithms and thus are in the AI domain? Identify some latest managerial trends and issues related to applied AI technologies.


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