IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1) What are the primary objectives, focus, and purpose of Selection Tests and Interview in the whole process of Hiring in organisational set up? Critically examine their usefulness, and importance in the short term and long term functioning and culture of the organisation. Draw from the experiences you are familiar with. Describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to. 2) What are the problems usually encountered in the Performance Appraisal in organisations? How are and whether these problems taken care of at the ground level reality in organisational set up? Critically … [Read more...]

MS-02 June 2013 Management of Human Resources

1. “Borderless world, Diversity Management, and Knowledge power, are some of the overarching factors being encountered by the Human Resource Mangers of 21st century business world”. How do they affect the dynamics of Human Resource Management in today’s organizations? Explain with examples from the organization you are familiar with or have been working for. Briefly describe the organization, you are referring to. 2. “Each employee in an organization performs various roles. Role perception of a manager and an employee make a complex web as they interact”. Elaborate this statement in the … [Read more...]

Ms-02 Solved Assignment Dec 2012 Management of Human Resources

1) The 21st century would see the following inter-related phenomena emerging, posing challenges to the corporate world and culminating in Olympian competition: Borderless world Diversity, and Knowledge Power The cross-cultural, cross-border mingling has resulted in the creation of a new class of people-global citizens with global attitudes, tastes and networks. Since it unleashes multiple variables, the borderless world precludes immense complexity-complexity in the environment, in inter-organizational relationships, in modes of conducting business and in socio-cultural … [Read more...]