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Ignou Mba Assignments Dec 2013

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MS 2 IGNOU MBA Assignment July – Dec 2013

1) What are the primary objectives, focus, and purpose of Selection Tests and Interview in the whole process of Hiring in organisational set up? Critically examine their usefulness, and importance in the short term and long term functioning and culture of the organisation. Draw from the experiences you are familiar with. Describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to. 2) What are the problems usually encountered in the Performance Appraisal in organisations? How are and whether these problems taken care of at the ground level reality in organisational set up? Critically … [Read more...]

MS 1 Ignou Mba Assignments July – Dec 2013

1) What are the Institution Building Skills of the Top Executives in organisational set up? Explain with examples from various Institution Building Personalities quoting their role relating to various skills which contributed in Institution Building. Briefly describe the organisational history you are referring to. Answer. Top managers are often thought of as the people who make critical decisions inside an organisation. Top executives require skills which supports building an institution or organisation. More on Institution Building Skills of the Top Executives and Managers 2) What are … [Read more...]