IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment

MS 53 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. What is the system view of operations Management? Identify the input, process and output for the following production systems. a. Automobile manufacturing b. A restaurant 2. Find out the 4-quarter moving average of the following time series representing the quarterly production of coffee is an Indian state. Production (in tones) Year Quarter-I Quarter-II Quarter-III Quarter-=IV 2007 5 1 10 17 2008 7 1 10 16 2009 9 3 8 8 2010 5 2 15 19 2011 8 4 14 21 3. When to use product and process layouts? Give example of … [Read more...]

MS 52 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Distinguish between project and production management, giving examples. What,according to you, are the critical success factors in project management? 2. “Doubled Project Report (DPR) forms the foundation on which the entire superstructure ofthe project is built – if it is weak, project cannot weather the turbulent times ahead.” Bring out the do’s and don’ts of a good DPR. 3. “Meticulous Management of activities on the critical path is crucial to completing projects on time.” How can we ‘beat’ the critical path and improve our on-time performance? 4. A good tem-work speed up … [Read more...]

MS 51 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Solve graphically: Minimize Z=6x1 + 14x2 Subject to 5x1 + 4x2 ≥ 60 3x1 + 7x2 ≤84 x1 + 2x2 ≥ 18 x1, x2 ≥ 0 2. Using the following cost matrix, determine (a) optimal job assignment, and (b) the cost of assignments. Job Mechinist 1 2 3 4 5 A 10 3 3 2 8 B 9 7 8 2 7 C 7 5 6 2 4 D 3 5 8 2 4 E 9 10 9 6 10 3. “In goal programming, we attempt to ‘satisfy’ or come as close as possible to satisfying, the various goals,” Discuss. 4. A wholesaler supplies 30 stuffed dolls each day to various shops. Dolls are purchased … [Read more...]

MS 43 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. ‘New Management techniques such as Total Quality Management, Just in Time are in tune with the conceptual foundations of Management Control Systems’. Explain 2. ‘Every responsibility center manager in an organization is an expense center manager also’. Do you agree with this statement and if so, try to explain the same by giving examples. 3. Select any organization of your choice and study the long-term compensation plans of that organization? Give your views on the existing compensation plans that are being practiced by that organization. 4. As a manager of a multinational company … [Read more...]

MS 42 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. What do you understand by Economic Appraisal of a project? Discuss the various aspects of economic appraisal and explain their significance. 2. What do you understand by Financial Reconstruction? How does it differ from reorganization of Capital? Discuss the steps involved in the formulation of Reconstruction Plan for a company. 3. List the various instruments through which corporate can procure finance and discuss the circumstances under which they are used to procure finance. 4. What is meant by cost of capital for a firm? What is its relevance in investment decision making? How … [Read more...]

MS 41 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Distinguish the different working capital financing strategies. Under the present capital and money market conditions which of these would you recommend to a consumer durable manufacturing firm. Explain with reasons & list out your assumption, if any. 2. You are required to recommend as to which of the policies given below should be adopted by a trader who wants to pursue a more liberal credit policy to improve sales. His current sales are Rs. 15 lacs per annum & average collection period is 30 days. Credit Policy Increase in Collection Period Increase in … [Read more...]

MS 24 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Describe the factors responsible for the evolution of Indian Labour policy. Discuss the recent developments in the field of industrial relations in India. 2. Describe the Structure of trade unions in India. Discuss the methods of verification of union membership and state the advantage and disadvantages of each of these methods. 3. Discuss the factors responsible for the future of participative schemes in India. What suggestions would you like to offer to make the participative schemes work effectively? 4. Define grievance and discuss the role of Human Resource department in … [Read more...]

MS 23 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Explain the role of HR professional in human resource planning process in any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the various forecasting techniques and how these techniques are being used in human resource planning. 2. Explain the process of Job analysis. Describe the steps being followed in carrying out job analysis in an organization you are familiar with. Discuss various methods of collecting information for job analysis. 3. Explain recruitment purpose, policy and process being followed in any organization you are familiar with. Describe the methods and techniques … [Read more...]

MS 22 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. What is the usefulness of Competency Mapping in overall organizational functioning? What are the basic steps followed in conducting Competency Mapping of an organization. Explain with an example. 2. What are the generally followed phases in implementing Organization Development programmes in an organization? Are there any conditions which play important role in success of Organization Development in an organization? Explain with relevant examples. 3. How do you distinguish between Information and Knowledge? Explain through the roles of a Knowledge Manager as to how do they help … [Read more...]

MS 21 IGNOU MBA Assignments Jan-June 2015

1. Describe the emerging scenario of organizations. Explain the steps to be taken by management into bring in the mindset of employees conducive to changing reality of business in an organization you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 2. Describe the socialization process. How socialization influence on personality, attitudes and values. Explains with the help of examples from the organization you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 3. Explain the relevance of behaviour modification in organizations and briefly discuss … [Read more...]