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IGNOU MBA Assignment

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MS-06 Dec 2012 Marketing for Managers

1. Discuss the various characteristics of services that make them unique from product. Briefly explain the implications of these characteristics in designing suitable Marketing Strategy for any two service offerings of your choice. 2. a) The success of a firm largely depends on the right blending of Marketing Mix elements. Discuss with two recent examples of your choice by picking up one each from an FMCG category another from any Industrial product. b) Elaborate on the relevance and scope of Marketing Research in supplementing and complementing the marketing activities in accomplishing … [Read more...]

MS-08 Dec 2012 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications

1. A tour operator charges Rs 136 per passenger for 100 passengers with a discount of Rs 4 each for 10 passengers in excess of 100. Determine the number of passengers that will maximize the amount of money the tour operator receives. 2. Calculate Bowley’s coefficient of skewness (based on quartiles) from the following data Weight (lbs) No. of students Weight (lbs) No. of … [Read more...]

MS-09 Dec 2012 Managerial Economics

1. “The relevance of Opportunity Costs is not limited to individual decisions but also to government’s decisions.” Explain giving examples. 2. “If we have two products, A and B, which are substitutes, we can expect that a rise in the price of A (or B) will cause the demand for B (or A) to go up.” Examine this statement with reference to other prices as determinants of demand. 3. Using the output - cost data of a pharmaceutical firm, the following total cost function was estimated using quadratic function TC= 2018 - 6.63Q + 0.011Q2 i) Determine average and marginal cost … [Read more...]

MS-10 Dec 2012 Organization Design, Development and Change

1. What is the meaning and purpose of an organizational design? Briefly describe key factors which affect organizational design. Discuss the principles which should be kept in mind for a good organizational design. 2. Describe any three organizational structures and their advantages and disadvantages. 3. Briefly describe time and motion study and it’s relevance in the present day scenario. 4. Discuss Questionnaire and Task Force as diagnostic methods and their advantages and limitations. 5. Describe the process of change and discuss process consultation and organizational Mirroring … [Read more...]

MS-11 Dec 2012 Strategic Management

1. Explain in what sense the top management takes decisions for a company and in what sense it does not takes the strategic decisions for a company alone? Illustrate with suitable examples. 2. Identify two firms of your choice. One that is a single business unit and the other which has several related businesses. Read the published information about these firms and analyze the corporate profile of each company. 3. Identify two companies that have recently merged. Read the published information on the two companies. Based on the study identify the issues and challenges the two companies … [Read more...]